When Smartphone Literally Need A Smart User


"What do you think about my recent title for this article? 
Do we have a same standpoint?"

Smartphone  is not an unpopular stuff in this century. I am sure, every single one have their own gadget, either smartphone or maybe just an old design of cellphone. In digital era, we are connected by a lot of sophisticated devices, including smartphone. Every minute, every hour, every day, we are banded by technology. Hence, we never realize that our true life has been robbed. We always depend on the advancement without a deep consideration, whether you feel like that or not, I only want we can run into a better comprehension. 

In accordance with my last article about digital world, I start to believe that not all people can use their gadget wisely. A lot of people are too excited with the technology. Some of them are only attracted by the convenience. But I know that the others maybe has been influenced by modern lifestyle. I am not surprised with that opinion as Indonesia really renowned as one of the most social country in the world. Gadget helps us a lot to interact with other people in the different location. But it is not always about communication.  My question is, do we have utilize it well?

A few days ago, my friend told me that he lost his smartphone on his way back home. I was shocked and said sorry for his misadventure. Afterward, I asked him, "Have you protect your cellphone?". Then he said, "Unlucky me, I did not anticipate that matter." Oh, how pity you are. Well, I told him that in our smartphone system, a bunch of smart applications has been provided. In four or six years ago, maybe we could not protect our cellphone from the loss, because it has been stolen or disappeared mysteriously. But, it is obviously can be solved today. Go find in your smartphone official website and do a research about your gadget protection. Or maybe you can also google it and use "find my android" or "find my phone" as the keywords. 

For instance, in this case, I told my friend that his smartphone brand, Samsung, has special site called Find My Mobile (https://findmymobile.samsung.com/). I am sure that, if he has registered his phone there, he absolutely could detected his smartphone location as long as the data and the GPS is ON. In addition to the official website, we can also use some protection applications such as CM Security. Find this apps in Google Play Store, start to download it, then register our smartphone. Find My Phone is one kind menu in CM Security that can be used to track our device. Moreover, we still also can look for other option like maximizing the Security Sub Menu in our mobile phone Setting Menu.

My friend gave me a motion that he now understand about my explanation and he felt so silly because he did not know his smartphone well. This case is only an example of how far we grasp the multifunctional of our device. Another sample is sometimes I try to hold my laugh when my friends grumble just because they can not do an office stuff in their smartphone. As we know that nowadays, we are given so many facilities to finish our office task through smartphone. Office applications are spread all over digital world and easy to be downloaded. So, please, come on. I guess I need to tell my friend to no more complain for that matter. The smartphone really a "smart phone", with its smart capability and smart applications in it.

In this twenty century, we live contiguous with technology. The emergence of smartphone as a baby of digital world has changed some part of our circle. But what I strongly believe now, smartphone is not a baby anymore. It has been growing just like a human. It adds his aptitude to fulfill our needs. So, on the other words, the smartphone show us that they are getting smarter and smarter. But, could us, as a user, equilibrate our device well? Yes, maybe this is the right time I issue my judgement that smartphone literally need a smart user. Do you? 


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