Job Application (Part II) : Psychological Test is always unpredictable


After reviewing about resume or curriculum vitae (CV), now I would like to share a little bit about Psychological Test as the second stage of job selection process. In general, psychological test (psychotest) is conducted to assess whether the applicant meets the requirements of the company or not, it is associated with intelligence psychological character. According to me, "psychological test is always unpredictable". It is because you will never can predict what is the correct answer of the test. Eventhough you can buy all great psychotest book, I guess you only can learn about the question, but not the answer since each psychotest needs different answer. I suggest you to be your self in responding the test.

I could not share a lot about this chapter because I seldom to get the godspeed for my previous test. Therefore, I will try to share as well as possible due to the lack of experiences. 

A psychological test (psychotest) of companies in Indonesia, mostly consist of :
1. TPA (Academic Potential Test)
2. TBU (General Talent Test)
3. TPS (Sikolastik Talent Test)
4. IST (Intellegens Structure Test)
5. Memory Test
6. Accuracy Test
7. HTP (Hourse Tree Person)
8. DAP (Draw A Person)
9. Wartegg Test
10. MAPP Test (Motivational Appraisal Personal Potential)
11. EPPS Test 
12. Arithmetic and Numerical
13. Series Number Test of Geometry
14. Pauli and Kraepelin Test

Here are some of tips and tricks from me to deal with the psychological test (psychotest) :

- Review the various kind of psychological test 
From the list above, you could search for each description of the test and try to identify the best way to solve the question. There are a lot of resources which you can use, such as book of psychological test (you can buy at the bookstore or maybe borrow it at the library), application of psychological test (find it out at your mobile phone's playstore), or just read article about psychological test at google.  

- Double check the position you apply and learn the characters needed
The purpose of psychological test is to obtain the right candidate for the right position. Hence, you need to understand what kind of people needed. This effort will be useful to answer your psychological test. As I had been told by some psychologists, when you do a psychological test and you failed in it, it does not mean that you are a bad guy or you are totally dumb. But it only means that you are not fit in the position offered. 

- Get relaxed! You need to prepare either your physical and your mind
The primary key of successful psychological test is the readiness of your body and soul. You need to be relax, calm and prepare your energy to hit the test. Trust me, the more you get relaxed, the more your brain can think easily. 

- Pray for your psychological test
This is the last thing that you have to do, keep praying! May God and universe bless you!

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