Job Application (Part III) : Are you ready for a job interview?


When you get through resume screening (CV) and psychological test, you will come at the interview section. For some candidates, job interview is very stressful and uneasy. But for me, it is the best part I am waiting for. Why? Because this is the time to talk a lot, to build a good connection between the interviewer and me as applicant, then it is also the gold chance to promote my self so as they consider me in filling in the position offered. 

An interview absolutely could lead us to a formal yet please conversations. Yes, some say that in this phase, you need to show your best personal branding. On the other words, the only key is "Sell Your Self!". Agreed!

Based on my previous experience, I assume that job interview can be classified into three groups, there are psychological interview, HR (human resource) interview and user interview. 

1. Psychological Interview 
It is conducted by a psychologist which aims to assess your personality. The list of questions ordinarily are :
- Tell about yourself
- What is your recent activities?
- Have you ever in conflict situations and how do you solve it?
- What is your strengths and weakness?
- Why do you apply at the company and what do you want to do in the company?

2. HR Interview 
Kind of interview which is conducted by HR department. Therefore, you will be interviewed by HR Staff. The common questions are :
- Tell about yourself
- Why do you choose the company?
- What is your expertise?
- What kind of contributions you will give to the company? 
- What do you want to do in the next 5 or 10 years later?

3. User Interview
This is the last part of interview stage also the last chance to fight for your dream job. In this interview, you will meet user or someone who will create a collaborations with you in the company. For instance the manager, head of department, the vice president even the president. A deep conversation will be occurred. Furthermore, an unpredictable conversations is also very common because they would like to ask the details in accordance with your answers. Hence, you need to prepare your self well. Here are some questions which may you face then :
- Where are you come from?
- Why do want to apply as (the position offered)?
- What do you think about our company?
- Could you convince us that you are the right candidate for this position?
- What do you want to do in our company?
- What is your future plan in the next 10 years?
- (Sometimes they also give you a case and ask you to give the best recommendation for their problem)
- Are you ready to join us?

For those who want their job applications could be granted, you need to prepare yourself as well as possible.

Here I have some tips for your references :

- List the possibility questions and create the main answer of each.
- Doing a self exercise is good. Perhaps you can practice how to answer the questions in front of the mirror. It could lift your confident up.
- Get prepare in the day before. You could start to consider the best outfit.
- Dress up!
- If you get nervous, try to inhale, hold and release.
- Keep smile during the session.
- Do your best!

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