Job Application (Part I) : Your resume is your first weapon


As a freshgraduate, you should have some options about your next life plan. Maybe some of you want to continue your study, But the others may choose to be a professional, either in their own business or as an employee at company. Every decision you select is highly appreciated. So, keep go on! :)

Well, in this section, I would like to share for those who are willing to invest their early period to be a professional in a company. Job application is something should be prepared. According to my previous experiences, job selection process generally consists of Resume (CV) Screening, Psychological Test, and Work Interview. 

I write this article and give it a title "Job Application (Part I)" because I will discuss about Resume (CV) first. Resume could be your secret weapon to conquered the battlefield. Therefore, we need it to sharpen our weapon. Here are my tips :

1. Create a good template
If we arrange our resume orderly, it will look greater. Hence, we need to create a good template first then compile the information properly. Do you have any LinkedIn account? I like the simple template on LinkedIn, maybe you can use it as reference. But if you prefer to use some creative design, create your own design and make your resume looks attractive. 

In 2015, you do not need to be afraid in expressing your creation. For resume template, I suggest you to adjust it with the company you apply at. If you apply at stated-owned enterprise, it is better to use a formal template (with neutral background color and sequence column for information). But if you want to apply at private company, you can utilize your special skill in design. By the way, I had an experience in applying a job at one multinational company and they required the applicant to create creative resume. Of course it makes me grin. Then I composed a colorful background template and added some design as header and footer.       

2. Add your professional photo profile
Your first impression is important! Dress well for your resume photo session. It would be great if you wear business suit and show your big smile at your photo resume, Build a good appearance and make sure that your pose is appropriate, a little bit relaxed but still looks formal. For this photo profile, a half body pose is preferably because your face will be seen clearly. 

3. Complete the information 
A lot of friends ask me about which information that we should write on our resume. I never make a detail list. But, according to me, a good resume must attach this kind information :
- Full Name 
- Contact Information (phone number, email, or LinkedIn account)
- Education
- Organization Experiences
- Professional Experiences (Working Experiences)
- Computer Skill
- Academic Skill
- List of Achievements
For entry-level employee, you need to add all those informations. But for middle-level employee, I guess you do not need to attach your education, organization experiences, and maybe your list of achievements. Be focus on your professional experiences (write what your position is, then explain what your responsibilities are, and tell the recruiter if you have any achievement on your previous job)

4. Straight on your focus
It is related with your expertise and what kind of job you want to apply. For instance, I am a marketing enthusiast. I often apply as Marketing Officer. Accordingly, I make my resume feature my experiences and my achievements in the field of marketing. It would be substantial for our resume because it builds our value up. The recruiter always search for the right candidate. By showing our big interest in the field of job we apply at, our opportunity will be opened widely.

5. Keep it short
Many people who do not know how to do a good resume, frequently create a long dull resume. In all conscience, a sheets of resume is not interesting anymore. Please, never think that if your resume contain a lot of informations, it will make you stand out. Too many informations will be so bad. Recruiters only have a few time to review your resume. It means, just make as simple as possible and keep it short. Write your 5 most facinated experiences and give a light explanation.

6. Never write fake information
Sometimes people want to be seen as a "WOW Person". They add so many overawe experiences in order to attract the recruiters. It does not matter actually, as long as the informations attached are true. In the interview section, you will be asked about all you write in your resume. So, please make sure that every single thing you write is accountable. Never add any fake information or you will not be considered again. 

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