Stories for Rainy Days


Gloomy weather maybe can ruin even the cheeriest moods. 
But it won't be happened if your rainy days were accompanied by this facinate artwork. 

I never heard about her name, Naela Ali? 

I walked along the book shelf then found this white little book as one of recommended book of the month aside from other well known literature. I didn't identify the author. The popularity couldn't attract me easily until I figured at the sample. I finally decided to buy this book. There were two rational reasons. FirstI was in love with the illustrations. SecondThe writing is absolutely wondrous, simple yet touching

This book will tell you some short stories about love, family, friends, how to enjoy the moment even in the loneliness, and how to express your mindfullnes through handwriting. While you were relishing the written, some adorable drawings existed in space, led our imagination awake. 

Naela Ali is both a talented illustrator and writer. I was enjoying her artwork, dived into her deep inscriptions, drifted by her beautiful sketch. This book is not that dull. I can read the book casually while I am waiting for my flight or just wake up in the sunny morning. If you want to read a kind of light book, this "Stories for Rainy Days" could be your option. I personally recommend this book to escort yout rainy sunday afternoon with a cup of hot tea maybe. Or if you have a long trip, believe me, you won't feel any boredom if this book stay in your hand.      

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