How did I spent a half of my 2014?


Welcome back to the blog spot! Yeay! Haha

To be honest, I feel guilty for leaving this blog in a long time. Not only a week or a month, but more than 5 months. My last article had been posted last August. Then, where have I been a few months later?

Throw back to my last post, I wrote about my feeling after the Graduation Day. Yes, my feeling was so mingled. I couldn't identified the thing I want, or maybe the thing I need. I was distracted between take a job or continue my study. Then in the middle of this confusion, I decided to try a new experience. I have been asked to join IOP (International Office and Partnership), Universitas Airlangga. Mbak Ratna is the one who offered me this opportunity. Of course, I didn't need so many time just to say YES for the invitation. Since 2013, I had a desire to join IOP, but the thesis took my full attention. Then, now, I get the chance I'd wait for.

I knew IOP since 2012, when I tried my luck to set my foot abroad for the first time. I asked IOP to assist my team in the administration stuff related to international conference that we wanted to join, and IOP helped us a lot. That's why, I looked this organization could run the work well as part of our university. IOP is a great yet dynamic organization. Believe me, you will see a bunch of chance to international exposure here. Sound interesting, right?

I have been volunteering at IOP in 2013. I assisted them two times in the special event called International Office Meeting (IO Meeting) on March and October 2013. This occasion gave me a space to know more about IOP and the people in. I started familiar with some people in this organization. So, when I joined them again on Sept 2014, I just need a moment to adapt.

A few months to be part of IOP, a lot of memories has been created. IOP has change as a new family for me. The people, the working environment, yes, everything is great. Unlucky me, I need to say good bye to them a few weeks later. Other challenge has been waiting for me (I'll tell you in the next post :p). But, although I only knew them for a short period, I still would like to say thanks for all the togetherness, all the love and laugh, and all the lessons they give to me.

So, the best answer for the question above, "How did I spent a half of my 2014?", is, I spent my last fabulous year with a wonderful family ever, that's IOP. Maybe the right answer it's not only a half of my 2014, but also my early 2015. I am really glad to know them all. :))

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