Define Your Happiness


Could you recognise the last time you laugh hardly? The time you judge your self as the happiness person in the world, the lucky one and the most blessed. I am sure, you did.

As a human, we need a recognition, a compliment, even consideration. But sometimes, we can't define our own happiness because of our selfish. We're too busy paying attention to everything we want rather than every single thing we have. We look a challenge as a problem, a hard obstacle that would be difficult to be solved. We are forgetting our blessed, see it like it never emerge, try to fully ignore it. So, am I right to address it?

I adore Aristotle's statement that said if happiness depends upon ourselves. Yes, we are the one who could define our happiness. How we would smile, how we could enjoy the moment, and what kind of thing that would make us happy. It depends on us.

Throw back to several years ago, some moments that never failed to create a smile on my face.
I strongly remember when I first time hold up my trophy in my seven years old. 
I was glad to be a student of my fav school. 
I proved my capabilities through passing the national selection test for university.
Being head delegates for some competitions.
Then finally I could make my dream come true to set my foot abroad. 
I got new friends around the world, meet some professional practitioners. 
After all, I was blessed could graduate from univ. 
Some perfect moments in my life.

As Chris Downie said,
I should give myself up to this moment. Dare to see it.
Now look down at my feet, slip out of those invisible tethers.
Then ask :
Where would I take myself right this moment if I walked toward I most heartfelt dream?
What would my life look like?
What would my body look and feel like?
What level of energy would I have?
What might be my fav activity?
What would my daily life include?
I should imagine my happiness..
The sweet glow of inner contentment, the way it tastes and smells and feels.

After the graduation day, I had felt I lose my happiness. 
It because I am not sure yet what I am going to do next.
But it is not only about me, sure. 
Every single one may have this heart feeling.

In this moment, something I learnt, just create your own happiness.
A happiness isn't only a word, it's a grace.

When we stare at the sky and we smile, it's happiness.
When we dress on the gown and we laugh, it's happiness.
When we sit above the tree and feel the serenity, it's happiness.

So, are you ready to define your happiness?

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  1. Happiness is moments, but I rather define the pure happiness is child happiness. We can do what we want and never think what others might be thought.