Solving The Poverty by Sociopreneurship and Community Development


January 30th up to February 3rd 2012, my participation in Sociopreneur Competition, ITB Fair 2012 gave me many different experiences and knowledge, especially the understanding about sociopreneurship. In the early event, my minds talk that a sociopreneurship is a kind of social business, just it. I don't know more about why we need to be a sociopreneur? what the benefit of being a sociopreneurship? and why do we need to empower the communities?

Then Sociopreneur Competition, ITB Fair 2012 answered my questions. In this event, from some lectures of Institute Technology Bandung (Kampret, Bob Manurung, Kak Nadia, Kak Teddy, and Kak Bijak) who have been cast as speakers in the provision of lesson about sociopreneurship, I began to understand what sociopreneurship is. From them, I knew that it just a little bit different between community development  and sociopreneurship .

Both community development and sociopreneurship, are aimed to develop a community, increasing their living standard and economic level, until one day they (the community) can be independently.

But the different between community development and sociopreneurship are :

Community Development : non profit, 100% social, we are as their consultant
Sociopreneurship : profit, social but not 100%, we are as their partner

One of the example of community development is what kak Kampret, kak Teddy and Bob Manurung have done. They have been doing a community development program in Pangalengan, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. About September 2009, there were earthquakes in the Pangalengan, Bandung. Many people were affected, the infrastructure destroyed and many people lost their jobs. Kampret and friends from SBM ITB Bandung had an initiative to help the victims by made a community development program. They did the social mapping first. Then they started to enter the community life and approached them. Until they got a chance to train the community, the community can open their own business and be able to live independently.  

So how about the socioprenurship?

Let us see from what kak Nadia and her "Wangsa Jelita" done. "Wangsa Jelita" is a brand of body shoap which was built in Bandung by kak Nadia and friends about 3 years ago. Someday, kak Nadia and friends have a plan to make strowberry body soap. Puncak, Bandung is the right place that they choose for survey. But, before they arrived, they meet some rose pickers. Almost all of the rose pickers have a low economic level. They couldn't get more money from the rose because not all "tengkulak" wanna buy their rose at a reasonable price. It was because the roses have a bad quality or the roses stalk are too short. Seeing the reality, "Wangsa Jelita" want to help them all. Kak Nadia and friends ask the rose pickers to build a cooperation, they bought the roses at a reasonable price. Then "Wangsa Jelita" produced the rose body soap. The level of economy and welfare of the rose pickers have been increased and "Wangsa Jelita" could sell the rose body soap.

That are all the explanation of community development and sociopreneurship, some way to improve the welfare of the community and solving the poverty in this country.

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