Everybody Could Be a Journalist !


"How could any one can be a journalist? Is it right that a journalist just run by people who have the interest and ability on journalism? "

The world is not as small as it used to be. Small is not in the physical sense, but in terms of information. The advances of technology are the main factors that have  make an important role in the development of contemporary information. Journalism closest with information, also be affected by the technological advances.

Citizen Jurnalism, is a new phenomenon in journalism. So, what is citizen jurnalism? If translated into Indonesian, it means a journalism which appears in the general community or we call it in Indonesia “masyarakat umum”. But, how could that happen? With the advances in technology, we currently do not have to use the traditional way again to looking for some news. On the old time, we just can find the information on the news through media such as newspapers, radio and sometimes television. But now, various kinds of news have been accessible through the Internet. Moreover, not only through the website, blogs and social networks now has become the information center. All of the articles are written by the bloggers and users of social networking as a new media to make a news.

What was happened had been stimulate the new journalists who come from the general public. That phenomenon is called citizen jurnalism. Each person has been able to spend their aspirations through of the Internet as above. That way things like comments, expressions, and sentence of a person typing has become a source of news. Currently gathering news not only from journalists, but also can be derived from the general public. In fact, sometimes there is also the news information comes from people who are less highlighted. Small stories that are sometimes considered less important that it usually contains a lot of new information.

Citizen Jurnalism has created a new thing for journalism as media of information. It will appear more sources of news information that is written from a variety point of view. The more information, the more new knowledge that we will get.  

So, are you ready to be a journalist?

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