"COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT" as one of effort to improve living standards of low economic community


January 30th, 2012 - I learnt some new topics about social activity that really important to do for the mass low economic community. One of it called "Community Development". Mohamad Yudiaputra Mashudi S.Ds .MSM. lecture of Institute Technology Bandung, who is prefer to be called "Kampret" has been cast as one of the speakers in the provision of material about "ComDev". He said that ComDev is : 

Community is a group of people with a shared identity. Hence, community development relies on interaction between people and joint action, rather than individual activity. 
Development is is a process that increases choices. It means new options,diversification, thinking about apparent issues differently and anticipating change. 
Development involves change, improvement and vitality –a directed attempt to improve participation, flexibility, equity, attitudes, the functionof institutions and the quality of life. It is the creation of wealth –wealth meaning thethings people value, not just dollars (Shaffer, 1989).
Community Development
is a community it self engages in a process aimed at improving the social, economic andenvironmental situation of the community.

ComDev trying to develop a mindset of society. The decision making is related to knowledge, natural resource, human resource, financial and the community.

Developed Community --> Developed Economy --> Developed Industry.

Some important things that must be held in the implementation of ComDev :

Understanding the reality of community
Get the community reaction

Believe, motivation and commitment

The community take decision and do it

No main figure in the community

Program maker is consultant

Leadership, independent and togetherness

Recognition of identity and local capabilities and stimulate development

Stimulate debate in the discussion

Appreciate the addition of a minimum value

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