Appreciation Post for You


 "Hello, how are you?" ... "How's it going?"

Kalau di Indonesia, mungkin kita akan mendengar kalimat itu ketika bertemu dengan kawan lama atau seseorang yang emang udah cukup jarang kita temui. Yes, that's how it works in Indonesia. But since I stay here in Melbourne, I feel like it's such a powerful sentence that can lift up your day once you hear it. Why? Cause no matter your feeling on that day, at least you know that there are some people who care about you 😊

No, I don't want to compare Indonesian culture and Australian culture here. But, I just want to highlight that it's such a great sentence to say when we first meet people in our early days. Thus, I'd also like to ask you. Yes, YOU, who are reading this post now. How are you today? I wish that you have a great day ahead and enjoy every single moment you'll have 😉

Udah lama kayaknya ya absen dari blog ini. I'm so sorry cause student life has consumed the majority of my hours indeed, haha, LoL. Emang sih, ekspektasi kuliah di luar negeri itu harus dijaga baik-baik, sewajarnya. Karena memang realita gak seindah ekspektasi 😂, wkwkwk. Mau melipir bentar buat nulis blog, tapi writing block tiba-tiba menghadang gegara udah puyeng sama tugas kampus. Pengennya kalo ada waktu kosong ya dipake istirahat alias gak ngapa-ngapain 🙈, haha..

But, once again, I'm so thankful for your support of this blog. I've received a lot of messages, through email, LinkedIn, and Instagram. And I'm beyond grateful that what I shared in this blog has helped you a lot in your journey. 

Letter from you
Thanks for your sweet letter, really appreciate it 💗

When the first time I created this blog, nothing I want to aim for ambitiously. Just as simple as sharing my experiences. Cause I deeply understand how difficult it is to find reliable information. Maybe like many of you, I am also a person who prefers to trust other people's personal experiences as it shows genuine and honest comments.

Oleh sebab itu, di post ini, aku cuman pengen bilang makasih buat semuanya yang udah mampir dan baca tulisan aku. Mulai dari pengalamanku dulu ikut seleksi UMC Uniqlo, kemudian akhirnya kerja di Kemenparekraf, lolos Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS), hingga sekarang kuliah di Melbourne, Australia. Meskipun belum banyak yang aku ceritain selama di Melbourne, tapi aku percaya, setiap kata dan post yang aku share nantinya bisa menginspirasi kalian semua. 

Sekali lagi terima kasih 💖

Semoga segala kemudahan dan kelancaran di setiap urusan bisa selalui menyertai kalian ya. 

Just do the best, and let God do the rest!

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