Childhood Sweatheart


It was a long journey. I knew him since 15 y.o and it's still counting. He has been my friend, a bestfriend, someone who I can lay every single thing on. We can be a soulmate and an enemy in the same time. Then a couple months ago, he made a vow to be my life partner.

His name is Teguh, but I love to call him "Mas Endut". It's not about physic, found the distinctness about his skinny body in the past ten years. The nickname stand for a wish, as I hope he will get chubbier cheeks, then it happened a few years later (haha, college life brought a happy life I guess).

We walked on this relationship for about 9 years, which is 2 years in the senior high school, 5.5 years of long distance relationship and 1.5 years in the critical period of taking the most important decision about marriage life. Then, with his conviction, he proposes me.

It was a sentence that is spinning around in my head when he asked to marry him in front of my parents. Sometimes I still can't believe it yet that I will marry my childhood sweetheart, someone who I really know the good and the bad, someone who I grew up with, someone who I could be the most silly people in front of, someone who I could fight and love in the same time.

In the meantime, I found a fact that wedding preparation is not a simple errand. This matters made me worried about many things, quarreled with some relatives, tried to create a perfect wedding day, but sometimes I forgot that it was not only my day, but also my big family day. In this situation, we may face a lot of different voices that cause a dizziness. However, I should always remind my self that I married my man because of Allah SWT. Just need to put all the negative notion down and pray for the Day. 

Then the day was coming.
September 2th 2017, he sat next to me, ready to convey the vow, and there he was, the ijab kabul was going smoothly. I am officially to be Mrs. Atmajaya. It was a prodigious moment.

So, welcome to a marriage life.
A new adventure that some people said it will be full of struggle. But for me, this is really a dream come true. I would be the happiest woman in the world because I could see his smile every morning, serve him a tasty dish, ask him for a favor, do a silly thing together, and of course I would like to bring him to our favourite destinations.

Yes, being his life partner and his travel mate is really a gift from God.

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