Being A Civil Servant, A Gift or A Curse?


Did I mention it roughly?
I prefer to read the title as a straight expression of what I was thinking about lately.


Today is my third week of staying at this capital city. I have been adapting with the new atmosphere and start to understand the rhythm of life in Jakarta. So far, I enjoy it. Yes, I am fascinating with all facilities which have been given by this city. 

Furthermore, tomorrow will also be my next occasion to play my role as a probationary civil servant (CPNS) at Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia. Even though I never dream it, to be a civil servant, I still appreciate it. I become conscious about my luck in passing the selection test. From about 200 participants, there're only 6 people left (special for Management major). Moreover, parent approval is lay on this field. So, I have no reason to run out.

In Indonesia, civil servant has some negative judgement. When you ask about civil servant, you will hear about corruption, lazy worker, less effective policy, minimum wages, even nepotism. Maybe some people also will ask you,, "How much you pay to pass the probationary civil servant selection test?". Some other friends said that as a civil servant, minimum wages is a fate but if you get maximum wages, you will be suspected of corruption case. 

Anyway, both of my parent are civil servants. They are a teacher in a junior high school. As a civil servant, they always show their integrity. Teaching is their passion. Yes, that is the main reason why my parent still stand on this job. Lucky me, I never find any thing wrong with my parent while they did their role as civil servant. Despite all the negative rumors never stop influence us, I believe that should be the positive one.    

Having my parent as a civil servant did not make me want to continue their track at one blow. I need more time to consider it. Well, before I join any government institutions, maybe my standpoint is similar with others. I was often blaming the government policy which looks less effective without trying to read background of the problem up. Whereas, there is always a reason behind a decision. Not every single one know well about the government procedure. I admit it. 

That was happened to me. I have been attracted to marketing tourism since about three years ago. At the same time, I started to have an eye for Indonesia tourism and its campaign. I criticized Indonesia tourism tagline "Visit Indonesia" because it means nothing and did not describe the real beauty of our tourism. Then our government launched the new tagline "Wonderful Indonesia" for foreign market and "Pesona Indonesia" for domestic market. Well, according to me, the new tagline is better, but neither the campaign. I was wondering whether our government did not have a lot of money to hire the best advertising agency in this country just to produce a wonderful campaign. Then, after I get into the jungle, now I understand. 

So many questions, and I have got the answer one by one. At the second week of my office hour, I start to know what I never know all this time. For instance, related to Ministry of Tourism where I often criticized. I have been told that, to be honest, all of people in Ministry of Tourism truly love our nation and want to develop Indonesia tourism as well as possible. But, unfortunately, the government still underestimated with Indonesia tourism potential. That was the source of limited fund of our tourism campaign. Whereas, tourism industry is the only one which have multiplayer effect for our economic growth. 


I may never dream to be a civil servant. 
I may never ask for this job. 
But, should I regret it? 
Of course no.

I do not want to stuck in any negative thinking. Just try to grab the positive one. 
In spite of the high work load is waiting, I am ready to face it. 
According to me, being a civil servant is a gift.
Because as a civil servant, now, I am not only can criticized the government without any solution.
But I can enter into the system and give my best contribution for the better Indonesia.  

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