Embrace The Uncertainty


I never expect to be in the mid of this current situation, with numerous uncertainty in my life, no more detailed annual plan, unpredictable daily circumstances. I guess, no one wonders about it before the pandemic. Even an individual who often skip their yearly resolution, I believe, no such people are ready to experience this kind of challenge. 

Since last weekend, I started to listen to some live news, particularly Australian-related most updated information to prepare for my departure to Aussie next year. New policies from both state and federal governments are my primary concern. However, sometimes I find it fascinating as well to know more about the Aussie community's opinions and their readiness in accepting the fate of living with Covid, as we should overcome this difficult time and face it bravely. I know, it is not an issue of certain countries, but it is a global concern that happens surrounding the world, regardless of the regions. Therefore, it was really great to see how some community members in a multitude of countries are expressing their optimism to combat the hurdle together. 

It is similar to what I watched this morning when a leader of the Muslim community in NSW have been interviewed by the national news programme and he said that the key guideline in facing this type of hurdle is to be patient. Well, it is a simple word, that I believe, not really easy to put into action. But then again, it is a good statement and advice to be considered more by many people, including me. Although I have fewer future plans to be conducted than the previous year, sometimes I still feel afraid of many failures and unlucky possibilities that might be happened in my life. Cancellation at the last minute has been my regular news for the last two years. Unavoided uncertainty is ubiquitous.

So, what should we do? The key message is "If you wish to exceed your expectation, you will find it easier by embracing your life". No matter what your wish lists and how hard your effort is to accomplish it, embrace uncertainty is the golden way to make our life happier. Despite the ambivalence, I believe we still have an inner power to keep our peace of mind and positive attitudes towards the obstacles. If you need to relax, just take a break for a moment, enjoy your surrounding, so that you can think clearly again. If you wish for a miracle, just embrace the uncertainty, and you will observe more possibilities to continue your passion.       

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