Chinese Tourist Characteristic


If you are googling about Chinese tourist, you will find this headline :
"Read This If You Think Chinese Tourists Are the Worst!"
"Chinese Tourists Are Taking Over the Earth, One Selfie at a Time."
"Chinese Tourist Behaving Badly : What Can Be Done?"
"Chinese Tourist Have No Manners."

Before I landed in China, I have no personal judgement. I only hear about how bad Chinese tourist characteristic, but to be honest I am not finding it by myself yet. So, what's my expectation back then?

One of the biggest mission of my international agenda in China a few days ago is having a deep understanding about China market and Chinese tourists. Considering China as the biggest market for Indonesia's tourism, the seminar became very necessary to attend. So I am writing this article not only for my professional purposes, but the more importantly for my Indonesian fellow who want to take some good points from this matter.

Outbound Travel Data in China
In 2017, the number of outbound Chinese tourists reached 130 million, an increase of 7% compared with the same period last year. China has maintained the status of the world's largest outbound tourist country for many years. So, how about their spending? For your information, the outbound tourism consumption scale of Chinese in 2017 has reached 115 billion US dollars, it has increased steadily, which is 5% growth compared with last year. Maybe that's why so many countries compete each other to attract Chinese tourist. It is not only because the amount of visitor but also the number of spending in each trip. Furthermore, top 3 favorite destination for Chinese tourists are South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand.

Facts and Figures About ASEAN and China Tourism
1. China as the main source market for ASEAN tourism.
2. Most popular destination among Chinese tourists in ASEAN are Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philipines. (What a miserable! So sad couldn't hear Indonesia as their popular destination). However, their TOM (Top of Mind) are Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.
3. Age 21-40 y.o with the most favorite activities are modernity, cultural experience and nature exploration.
4. Chinese tourists very curious with the way of life of the local people.

Fun Fact About Chinese Tourist
1. Why do Chinese tourist love to go to Thailand? Because of the food.
2. Chinese dislike number 4 but love number 6 and 8 (it's a lucky symbol).
3. They hope the hot water is provided in the hotel room to make tea.
4. They would be very happy if you could serve them some noodle, steamed rice, pickles, and congee for breakfast, bread for lunch and rice with steamed bread for dinner.
5. Chinese like hot milk.
6. Chinese tourist would be happy if they could find a local maps in Chinese language, TV program with Chinese language, any sign in Chines language at the public area.
7. If Chinese feel satisfy, they would share their positive story to their relatives (word of mouth).
8. School holiday period is about July up to August.
9. For family tourist characteristic, parent do not care about the money, but what their children get.
10. Chinese enjoy the view of city, high building, modernity, luxury goods. Put the convenience first for Chinese tourists.

Actually there are so many more Chinese characteristic. If you want to implement an effective marketing strategy, you need to remember that the most important thing to understand a consumer, you have to be their friend, act like them, give them the best recommendation and make them smile every single time. As one of my lecture said that when you judge Chinese tourists as the worst tourist in the world, sure they will feel so bad and hurt. You couldn't say any bad comment before you know them personally. Because what you need to do is only identifying Chinese tourists characteristic so that you could treat them well.

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