My Wanderer Journal


During each day, how do you remind yourself to enjoy the moment, 
to see the beauty, to relish your good fortune?

I was asking to my self, how if I couldn't sense the bliss? 

I recognize my self as an independent woman yet uncompromising. I never let irregularity infiltrate into the circumference. It occurs to my vision, my endevour.

Last week, I was landing in an allied of online newspaper and finding an article about living in a place that so far away from our homebase or in Indonesian it called "merantau". The author recount his impression being nomads. A lot of extraordinary story he gained from the journey, between the one who found his eagerness, bear up the anxiety, or relish the unusual neighborhood. He draw up the story in one glory, unabashedly, he confess as a man who have visited more than 10 country in the world. A true facinate traveler, it is how they consider him.

I bold his profile and stare in the mirror. I only have travelled to Singapore, Bangkok, Macau and HK (in a short term each). I do not have any expereiences being a permanent residents in other country. So, engraving slight memories in the different scene was something I did. Back then, my prior wishes is itinerating around Indonesia. Without prejudice, my recent job has showed me the way.

Frankly, as a part of Indonesian tourism institutions, I get a privilege to delve the beauty of Indonesia. About its nature, culture, cuisine, modernity, people and how it could be a powerful nation as an archipelago. I have visited 34 cities and 28 districts in Indonesia. For your information, Indonesia has 98 cities and 416 districts in amount. What's so special? Could I named it a true facinate traveler?

From Sabang to Raja Ampat, what is your favourite?

My incredible remembrance about Sabang are Nol (0) Kilometer Monument and the enchant beach, wondrous. We need to pass the curvaceous street, highlands typical with fresh air from the green rainforest. But after you arrive at the top of the hill, you won't deplore the scenery. Back then, we spent several night in the local resort managed by Italian. I couldn't tell you the name ot the resort. Nevertheless, the cottage is located straight next to the beach. Therefore, the waves sound will be your backsound overnight. It was unforgotten for me and I want to be back again to greet the waves for the second time.

Shifted slighly, I traveled to North Sumatra. This place make me believe that an elbow grease is not only applied to adulthood. I was witnessing a ten years old girl keen on his life, strive in severe battlefield. There wasn't any complain. She only wished for a better chance, as a human, as a part of our nation. I found many kind of this spirit in the north region of Sumatera. In advance, I deemed that we have attained the prevalent welfare. But, I pleaded it, it was not totally true. This story disenchant me that North Sumatera is not only about its natural treasure, but the culture and people are overawe.

Java Island is a well-known populous region. The headway is unbeatable. About the industry, economic development, education and more amelioration. Get around Central Java and sense its cultural magic could be the most favourite activities to do. For the adventurer, mountain and plateau will be their preference. I have attended Vesak commemoration in Borobudur temple and it was really a prodigious event. I felt the warm yet peaceful atmosphere. Despite its devout agenda, public acquire the pleasure indeed.

Touch down Kalimantan, you will find the different substance. This island renowned for its tropical rainforests which are even older than Amazonian. I wonder about the resources. The most popular tourism destination is Tanjung Puting in Central Kalimantan. I do not have any occasion to visit it yet but many acquaintances said you won't regret the experiences when you could be in only 6 feet from orang utan or when you grab the time feeding them. It is marvelous.

I got another good impression from Kalimantan when I attended Cap Go Meh celebration in Singkawang, West Kalimantan. It was not only about the festival but also the value of our tradition. If you become the participant, it will challenge you in the magical performance because there was one provision that ask you to do particular ceremony then you will be possessed by an ancestor spirit. This spirit delivered his power to make you stronger than before even you stab your body with kind of knife, you won't be harmed. This event are scheduled regularly every year (when the Chinese New Year or Lunar Year is coming). Mark your calender if you want to be the one who testify the festival.

Having flight schedule to the East Indonesia, I found Wakatobi as the most wonderful deep blue sea. I love the serenely, clear water and fine beach. It also can be discovered in Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park. You will be amazed by turquoise ocean and savana hill collaboration. Komodo, the last ancestry of dinosaur is considered as allure for tourist (either local or international). I have visited the land two times but if you offer me for the third times, I will be excited a lot and say yess without any doubt.

I put my last anchor in Raja Ampat, West Papua. What do you think about this heaven before? I though Raja Ampat will surprise me with its natural wonders, but I mistaken. I was stratled to know that its people have a high nationalism, beyond my expectation. In spite of inequality, they love Indonesia more than we care. The song is always revolve in my mind, "Hitam kulit, keriting rambut, aku Papuaa... Biar nanti, langit terbelah, aku Papuaaa.."


Maybe, I am not that great, I am not as superb as some people who have traveled to many many countries in the world, some people who trace their journey there. But I am proud to be my self, to explore my mother land, to meet my brother and sister in another land, to gain so many impression from the voyage. 

I, my self, who have traveled to 34 cities and 28 districts in Indonesia 
and I will add the number to make you count more often. 

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