Dear Nidya Fahima S.M.


March, 26th 2014

If someone asks me, "is there any special occasion today?", I absolutely say yes. A bit strange and a bit hilarious. It feels strange because... hmm, it should be my graduation day (which was dreamed by me since long time ago). But it feels so hilarious because today, some of my friends will be graduated. In other words, I'm so glad for them! :)) I don't know how many person who take a part of this graduation, but two friends who the most I remember are Varah and Nidya. Unluckily, I came a lil bit late so I couldn't meet Varah. I only meet Nidya and her families. I said thank you so much for Nidya's families who treated us a lunch. Of course it means a lot for "anak kos" like us, haha

Some friends and I have a limited time to capture the moments. So I take my camera on, and here it is, our photo session :))

Nidya and her Mom


                                Nidya with Pyan                                          Nidya and I

From left : Mbak Dhi, Nidya and Pyan

                                    Nidya and Naya                                         Nidya and Lia

Another Our Togetherness

It's Nidya and Nyo2. Look at their expression, haha

So, dear Nidya,
Happy Graduation!
I feel blue just because I can't wear that "Toga" now, seems like you do, haha
But I feel so happy can capture the moment with you today!
Graduation is not the end of everything, it isn't your last struggle.
Graduation means that one little door has been shut and the bigger one has been afforded.
Graduation means that you get closer to your bigger dream.
Every single dream you wanna reach, just put your strength in it. 

Dear Nidya,
Just pick your succes up as possible. 
Do not ever give up easily.
Never easy to despair.
Remember, we just wanna hear your success story in the future.
Just do your best!

We Love You! :-* :))

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