The Journey 2 : Bandung, I'm Coming (Again) !!


I couldn't see my morning sunshine at that time. Well, it's caused of we should go sooo early. Our flight start from 6.30 am, and we must go since 4.30 am. The distance between my boarding house and the airport totally far indeed. Arriving at the airport, we did self check in and ready to fly.. Bandung, here we go.. \^o^/

It was kind of short trip I guess, cause Surabaya-Bandung can be passed only in an hour and thirty minutes. We got rain as a welcome greeting from Bandung. I've been told by my friend (Lhely) before that Bandung almost reach 18 Celcius at that week. So she warned me to be ready with the wheather..

Husein Sastranegara International Airport, was not as big as Juanda Airport. Some of friend said that it's really a little Airport and didn't have any good view. But, in my mind, Husein Sastranegara International Airport has its own comfortable character, with its own athmosphier, it wasn't bad.

 Husein Sastranegara International Airport

Well, I'll spend my vacation in Bandung with two people called close friend, Lia and Fijar. My friend from MRUF, mas Irfan who picked us up at the airport. It was January 17th, 2013, and we start our journey that day.

Fortunately, we have a friend like mas Irfan. He is so kind. Day 1st, we'll stay at his home. He suggested us to visit TSB (Trans Studio Bandung) first. TSB was not far enough from his house, so it'll easier to catch that place. Here we are in TSB, a lot of actions, photos and some lil thing we done at TSB :

Trans Studio Bandung

From Left : Me, Fijar, Lia

                               Me, in front of TSM                                  This is it, Ervilia

Before buying the tickets

                                          The Clock, reminds me to Big Ben, London :3

    Three of us

Then, Day 2, we're walking around Bandung in a whole day. Accompanied by mas Irfan, we start from Gedung Sate and so on..

Lia and Fijar act

Under the blue umbrella

  Peace Style
Museum Konperensi Asia Afrika

Nah, this is it, our city tour guide who never want to be captured, Mas Irfan.. 
but, finally I got ur pict, :p hahaa 

Actually,we wanted to view all part of Bandung from Menara Masjid Agung. But, unfortunately, the Menara was closed.. :(( Then, the day 3 became the shopping day. We spent it at Pasar Baru and Kings with mbk Verana. A lot of pretty good stuffs we've bought. Bandung is really a heaven for every shoppaholic ever, hahahaa..

It was a memorable journey I guess. 3 awesome days at Bandung, with all my beloved friends. Fijar and Lia who came with me, mas Irfan who was so kind to be our city tour guide, mbak Verana who was so nice to be our shopping guide, and of course my beloved senior high school friends ever, Lhely Fachrul who ask me to "nongkrong" at Dago, so great to have a silly fun talk with you darl, haha.. 

Bye bye Bandung, sure I'll be back again.. :'))

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