The Journey “Jember-Bondowoso” with Himagares


The day was Friday, my third fabulous vacation day in Jember. I went to Jember since Wednesday afternoon by train. Jember is like my second hometown. The charateristic is similiar with my hometown, Madiun. This town is small, but I love its semi-mountainous type of geography. The weather is cool, about 23oC-24oC in each day. Youth is the biggest population in this town. The presence of some university have an active role in push the growth of its economy.  And one of that is Jember University, the place where my friends are, also the reason I choose Jember as my destination, haha..

On the day, I have been told of my friends that we would make our first Journey to Bondowoso with the member of Himagares.  Himagares is the name of group of my friends in Jember, it consists of some accounting student in  Jember University. They are Indra Pramudya, Azzam Firdausy, Teguh Atmajaya, Angga Makatita Rivandi, Risca Kurniasari, Aini Syukriyah Hariati, Fakhrur Rozi, Firna Dwi Prestisia, Halla May, Swesty Wulandari, Arie Fitriansyah, Devika, Wildan. In fact there are still some members Himagares listed, but at that time, they couldn’t participate

We were ready for the trip since 1 pm o’clock. It was the first time I met several member of Himagares like Devika “Depong”, Fakhrur Rozi “Ojie”, Firna “Nyai”, and Swesty “Wewe Mpred”. And it was nice to meet them, because they are so friendly to me. :)

At 2 pm o’clock, we went Bondowoso by cars. Kabupaten Bondowoso is a district in East Java province, Indonesia. The capital is Bondowoso. This district borders on the north Situbondo, Banyuwangi in the east, south Jember and Probolinggo district in the west. Bondowoso district capital located at the intersection of the path towards Jember Besuki and Situbondo. The weather is pretty cool enough, about 15oC – 25oC each day, because it was surrounded by some mountains. The most popular food in Bondowoso is Bondowoso tape, which are generally packed in baskets (woven from bamboo-shaped boxes), but we did not go to Bondowoso for that, haha..

Our fisrt destination arriving this town is Nasi Wader. But, unfortunately Warung Nasi Wader that we would visited was closed. Then we decided went to Warung Nasi Ceker, Jl.Santawi No 112 Bondowoso. The favorit menu at that place are Nasi Ayam Pedas and Nasi Ceker. So I took Nasi Ayam Pedas and hot orange as my drink.

 Himagares in lunch

 From right : Indra and Bu Ning

Himagares in front of "plang" Warung Ceker Bu Ning

From Left : Me, Firna, Swesty

After eating a full meal, we continued our journey to the official residence of the Indra’s father. Her father is WaKaPolres Bondowoso. We rested there for several hours and we spent our time by some LOL talks and game. Himagares is the most absurd grup that I have ever met. All time with them always spent by laugh, laugh, and laugh, hahaha..

 Freaking time w/ Himagares

 From Left : Angga, Azzam, Wildan

 From Right : Firna, Me, Devika, Swesty

 From Left : Azzam, Indra, Risca, Angga

Then about 8pm o’clock, we went to Alun-Alun Bondowoso. It was so crowded, because it coincided with the weekend. We took a lot of photos too there.

Himagares in front of the Monumen Gerbong Maut 

 One of LOL crazy act of Himagares, hahaha

From Left : Me, Indra, Aini, Halla, Swesty, Firna, Risca

From Right : Halla, Wildan, Azzam

We are Himagares

When time showed 9 o'clock, we should finishing our day and going home. It was an awesome moments for us. What an amazing vacation!! ^.^

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